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I have a PhD degree in Computer Science obtained for the work on the control of large-scale experiments in the computational grids, clusters and clouds. My PhD advisors were Lucas Nussbaum and Jens Gustedt.

Before that I graduated from Poznań University of Technology with engineer’s and master’s degrees in computer science (computer networks and distributed systems) and from Adam Mickiewicz University with a master’s degree in mathematics (theoretical mathematics).

My Erdös number seems to be 4.


[ [PDF]( [BibTeX]( ] * On the twin prime conjecture (Master's thesis) - Tomasz Buchert, supervised by Wojciech Gajda, Adam Mickiewicz University, 2011, Poznań, Poland
[ [One-sided]( [Two-sided]( [BibTeX]( ] * Methods for Emulation of Multi-Core CPU Performance (Master's thesis) - Tomasz Buchert, supervised by Jerzy Brzeziński, Poznań University of Technology, 2010, Poznań, Poland
[ [One-sided]( [Two-sided]( [BibTeX]( ] Other publications -------------------

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